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Affordable Yet Luxurious Housing Through Smart City Residency


Urban living is becoming expensive as the population in metro cities is increasing day by day. In India, the influx of population into the cities has increased in the last two decades. Therefore, it is a problem in massive accommodation population in the city. Affordable housing in Metros like Delhi becomes challenging. So, the government has launched schemes for housing in the capital city.

The Plan:

Delhi has a massive population as it is the capital city of the country. With rising population accommodation in the town is a real struggle for the people now. You can consider buying a house is affordable if a person can buy a comfortable one without cutting down the cost of living. It is becoming a dream for most of the city people now. Government has come up with many schemes to overcome the current housing issue in the country. Among various plans, Smart City Residency is one of the well-planned projects for developing a smart city in Dwarka.

The main aim of the project is to provide spacious, luxurious housing to the middle-class people at an affordable price. Additionally, the project is going to contribute to the Delhi development authority’s Delhi Smart City Awas Yojna. Due to a shortage in spacious and well-built modern houses, many old residents of the city move out of the town in search of luxurious housing. To solve the problem, the Delhi development authority has taken initiatives to provide affordable housing to all categories of people, especially the middle-class people. These categories are rising rapidly in society, so taking care of their essential needs is the responsibility of the authority.

Furthermore, under this scheme, women can be benefited positively as 33% of the housing units are specially reserved for them. In cities like Delhi, women have to pay more rent to ensure safety. Generally, the house owners charge them more than men in the city. The problem can be resolved through the new scheme by DDA.

2 BHK Society Apartment Starting 20.9 Lakhs - Delhi Affordable Housing Scheme Call us now +91-7303-281-188
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