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As the older parts of Delhi are witnessing more and more congestion, both DDA and developers are looking at the more green and spacious locations in Dwarka and elsewhere. This is in fact the best you can find in Delhi when it comes to living in a good urban suburb.

A Matter of Distance And Nearness

Dwarka, and most other locations chosen by DDA for Smart City development achieve a perfect balance between the two. Dwarka is far enough from the more congested parts of Delhi to offer your cleaner air and more healthier surroundings. The noise levels are also low compared to the hustle-bustle of the centers of the city. Thus, if you see Dwarka in this right perspective, you realize that it actually qualifies as a calm suburb because of its distance from commercial and administrative districts of the city.

On the other hand, travelling from Dwarka – within Delhi, to other parts of the country and internationally – is very easy. Delhi Metro and good road connectivity make it very easy to reach New Delhi and Gurgaon. At the same time, IGI Airport is your gateway to national and international destinations. Don’t you hear stories of the tiresome commute to and from the airport. Especially in Delhi when people have to travel from parts of NCR to the airport hours in advance because they do not want to risk getting stuck in a traffic jam. Not so for you, if live in Smart City Residency in Dwarka.

Resolving the Population Density Woes

This task also falls on the Smart City Residency mission. At present, majority of Delhi’s population is concentrated in the central, eastern and other older parts. As a result, not only housing in these areas is congested but the public infrastructure is also creaking under the strain put by so many people. The only way to offer people more spacious living is by spreading outwards. This is when Dwarka comes to the rescue. Especially because the all the public infrastructure in the locality is new and modern. And, since it is under less strain, it can be upgraded and repaired when needed. As far as population goes, DDA can at present only accommodate 1.5 crore of the present 1.7 crore people living in Delhi. And, the population is predicted to rise to a whooping 2.5 crore by 2022. Thus, projects like Smart City Residency and Smart City locations like Dwarka are our only hopes.

2 BHK Society Apartment Starting 20.9 Lakhs - Delhi Affordable Housing Scheme Call us now +91-7303-281-188
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