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Smart City

To give a brief definition, a Smart City is a suburb that makes the most of available technology in providing efficient and sustainable residential neighborhoods. This is what DDA and the government promise to develop. Our project being part of the Smart City mission will provide conventional and new amenities to residents. At the same time, there will be an overlap between amenities provided by individual housing projects and those developed by DDA, all to the benefit of the residents. For example, efficient systems will be put in place to ensure 24x7 power and water supply. Healthcare centers and ambulance services would be only a phone call away. And to work towards making our city sustainable proper sewage treatment facilities would be constructed. No harmful effluents in the sewage would be allowed to pollute natural resources – either ground water or the Yamuna.

Sustainable, Green and Smart Living

The neighborhood will boast of solar panel option. This will make the Smart City more independent in its energy needs. At the same time, locality will be so developed that it has the perfect harmony between residential units and green cover. Natural surroundings, it is a proven fact, boost are mental energies and make us more peaceful and healthy. Smart Living, again, would mean that every technology that helps makes the infrastructure more efficient and the neighborhood more resident-friendly will be roped in. Provision of CCTV cameras, for instance, to give residents a sense of security so that they can live stress free.

2 BHK Society Apartment Starting 20.9 Lakhs - Delhi Affordable Housing Scheme Call us now +91-7303-281-188
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